Real time Business Intelligence

All the insight you need to make better business decisions in real-time and at the push of a button.


How do you help small and medium businesses, find the right person at the right time to help fund their business? A custom made, web based location map was the answer.

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The 4C360 dashboard that helps you understand your business at a glance, in real-time, providing a visual snapshot of your company’s crucial data, all in a single workspace.

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How do you enable service providers concerned about Quality of Service at their touchpoints maintain the right service level. You introduce a Branch Score and you link it to the organisation’s KPIs.

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The challenge was to minimize downtime and maximize accountability. Now every time 4C surveyors spot a problem, 4C360 generates a ticket for it. A notification is then mailed to the responsible department and progress reports are shared with the team regularly until the incident is resolved.

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Health report

Is the queuing system working? Is the Branch well cleaned? How is the condition of the see—through material at the entrance and dozens of other metrics to help retail operators stay on top of the situation.

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Heat map

This app focuses on identifying opportunities for Banks through heat mapping and location masterplanning as well as uncovering valuable insight from existing data.

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How is your footprint vs the main competition? What is the best expansion strategy for your business? How close, or far are you from your core Customers. 4C’s GIS will answer these and dozens of other vital issue to help you make more informed decisions.

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Dynamic Data

A cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team collaborate and stay on the same page

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