Fast Moving Consumer Goods

How a mobile retail audit solution improves performance of a fast moving consumer goods on the shelf and lowers the overall cost of conducting retail audits

Paper, clipboards, laptops and spreadsheets continue to dominate the way retail audit information is collected and consolidated. Conducting retail audits is necessary to remain competitive in an industry where multiple products and brands fight for the attention of consumers. The reality of the traditional retail audit process is that there is a considerable time gap from when retail audits are conducted to when a manager see the reports and can respond to trends or critical situations. Data accuracy is also a concern of any process that involves transferring data from paper, and then consolidating it to produce management reports.

What FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) companies need is a complete, end‐to‐end retail audit solution that enables managers to influence the shelf performance of their products and brands in real‐time while reducing the overall costs of conducting retail audits.

Improving Self Performance for FMCG with 4C360

How can the retail audit process tangibly improve product and brand performance as measured by market share and revenue? By replacing clipboards and spreadsheets with 4C360, a smartphone‐based retail audit solution, FMCG companies can receive immediate and accurate results to gain even more market intelligence . This translates to better and faster decisions and a new ability to immediately respond to store‐level trends and discrepancies.


Retail Execution Management

Enhance the shopper experience and maximize sales by ensuring products are presented at the right time and place in stores. With 4C360, you can streamline retail execution management and improve field staff productivity to get the most out of store visits.

4C360 delivers flexible and mobility solutions to collect and access critical data:

Voids & out-of-stocks

Promotion compliance

Competitor information

Planogram validation

Shelf conditions

Broker performance

Data collected in stores is automatically streamed to your custom 4C360 Dashboard, in real-time to provide high quality information for deeper insights into channel, product and retailer trends. Take advantage of 4C360’s real-time data to quickly identify and respond to issues that require immediate attention.


Conducting retail audits using the 4C360 solution improves the timeliness and accuracy of reports that enable managers to respond faster to store‐level trends or crisis situations. This results in better shelf performance of FMCG and reduced costs associated with conducting retail audits. It’s important for FMCG companies to be innovative and resourceful in order to maintain competitive advantage in the battle of the brands.

Changing the way retail audits are conducted by adopting a proven mobile solution can be one way to achieve this. With blue chip companies already deploying 4C360’s Business Intelligence solutions, it only makes sense to go with them as a tested and proven solution for the most accurate and timely insight from your retail audits.