Real-time Business-to-Business
and Consumer Insight

Knowing instantaneously the situation on the ground is crucial. 4C’s Pulse empowers organizations with instant business intelligence into areas that were previously out of reach.

For years, traditional consumer research has focused largely on surveys and focus groups, which have posed a variety of challenges to marketers given their limited size, scope and the latency these tactics can have in delivering information.

The way surveying is used is evolving and should be used in concert with emerging market research methodologies. No longer do marketers have to rely on insight from the few to drive decisions for the many.

4C is a provider of real-time market analysis and custom business intelligence solutions with a proven and pioneering research methodology.

4C’s Pulse uses advanced “big data” streaming technology and complex concept models to filter and classify these conversations to identify highly specific insights direct from individuals within each segment.

Highly-actionable opportunities to understand the attitudes, behaviors and interest of each consumer segment, as well the drivers of their demand moments and decision points in order to effectively craft messaging, create promotions, select engagement channels and build brand connections that truly resonate.