The Challenge

Retailers and brand manufacturers face a multitude of risk, audit, compliance and quality challenges at every stage and in every aspect of a retail business including supply chain, logistics, inventory handling, merchandising, Customer service, marketing and store operations.


The Solution

4C’s integrated Visual Merchandising and Visual Intelligence solution enables retailers and brands to establish sound governance, compliance and quality management programs across the enterprise. 4C’s time tested best-of-breed solutions help retail companies to adopt a centralized and integrated approach to multiple program elements.


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Retailers can automate their processes, collaborate with stakeholders, and establish monitoring mechanisms to increase their brand image, improve transparency, reduce risk and create a culture of compliance across the enterprise. The solutions will help retailers to enforce policies and procedures, establish best practice controls, mitigate and manage risks, comply with regulatory standards and requirements, and establish audit programs to assess program effectiveness, identify issues and take proactive remedial actions. Retailers and brands can thus build reliable and transparent supply chains, manage and mitigate risks at every level in the supply chain.


Visual Merchandising services include

  • Deployment of new point of sale material inside your branch and in line with agreed guidelines
  • Replenishment of the dispensers inside the branch with new campaign leaflets and forms
  • Removal of old material and Management of in-branch inventory


4C360 Visual Intelligence services include

  • Inspection of your retail branch for any defect, damage or deficiency
  • Real-time feedback from Branch managers and staff collected during visits
  • Capture and relay of the findings in real time to your 4C360 Dashboard
  • A ticket is opened every time an issue is spotted with photo-proof and problem description
  • Custom process automation and real-time visibility of the data for top productivity.



4C360 combines the strengths of performance management and business intelligence (BI) to create a true closed-loop performance management solution.

4C offers retailers an end to end, effective and time-tested process for optimizing the Customer journey across your retail network.