Visual Intelligence

Knowing exactly the situation on the ground is crucial. Visual Intelligence empowers organizations with instant business intelligence into areas that were previously out of reach.

Real-time, market level, Customer insight with a reporting backend that feeds data to Business Intelligence (BI) systems. The easy-to-use web portal allows instant publication of results that can be accessed immediately by Clients. Visual Intelligence leverages the latest database, analytics, mapping and imaging technologies. Instant data gathered via mobile tablets and visible in real-time on your 4C360 dashboard.


Key benefits

  • Make faster and more informed decisions
  • Listen to what your Customers and employees have to say all the time, in real-time
  • Keep your finger on the pulse


How can Visual Intelligence help your business

4C’s pioneering technology delivers instant business intelligence in all of the forms below:

  • Exit surveys
  • Brand Basket Analysis
  • Behavioral monitoring
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Customer one-to-one marketing
  • Employee engagement survey