HEAT is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographically referenced data.

To be more effective, many banks, credit card companies and other financial services organizations are turning to HEAT to help them understand and analyse potential markets within the cities and regions that make up the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to find the most ideal location(s) for marketing to potential and current customers.



Key Benefits

  • Use location analytics to filter and segment data
  • Effortlessly build geographic dashboards
  • Create heat maps, charts and reports
  • Print, export and share
  • And much more




Using HEAT to find the focus area is crucial. Financial service organizations “cherry pick” their customers for high value, low risk financial products, and by using HEAT, banks can target customers more efficiently. Demographic data provides an ideal opportunity to analyse economic characteristics to break down and isolate areas.

branch_atms kingdomwide
pointsofintrest population_density


Improve profitability and operational performance

Based on the idea that high population provide the most revenue opportunities for banks to target new or additional products and are more likely to respond to direct marketing of financial services versus low-density areas. Density was the most important value based on Saudi Census demographic data from the Census Bureau’s website. This resulted in all data needed for the project, including population, along with specific population figures, and age groupings.