Digital Signage

4C has teamed-up with BroadSign International, the #1 Digital Signage Vendor in the world.

BroadSign Digital Signage Software is the most advanced and complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for managing digital signage networks. Find out why.

With precise targeting, relevant content messaging and measurable ROI, your digital signage campaigns will deliver higher efficiencies than traditional media by making an impact on consumers purchase decisions, right at the point of sale.

Unique Selling Points

1. Provides the most reliable and scalable infrastructure through SaaS. Offers auto matic playlist generation and criteria based targeting
2.  Allows flexible targeting within your network. Self healing network and advanced monitoring.
3. Delivers advanced features such as triggers to support interactivity, RFID, emergency messaging, screen sync, audience measurement and day-parting

How it works

BroadSign Cloud is a SaaS infrastructure that manages communication between BroadSign Administrator and BroadSign Players. The SaaS model significantly reduces downtime, operational overhead, initial deployment costs, and time to market.



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Product Tour

Find out why BroadSign is the most advanced and complete Digital Signage Software platform on the market.

Top Story

BroadSign Nabs Top Honor From DailyDOOH, Ranked #1 Digital Signage Vendor for Second Year Running.