How it all started
4C was created in Riyad in 2003, and the idea was conceived by Abdulazizi Al Manie, Head of Corporate Banking of SABB, at the time. Abdulaziz was looking for a company to manage SABB ‘s Visual Merchandising needs. And it turned out there was no organization providing such a service in Saudi (or across the region). Merchandising continues to underpin most 4C assignments today.


Developing our core model
The company focused on building 4th party logistics solutions, for Banks and retailers, and signed up 2 more big names from the Financial industry.


Moving into Data capture
In 2008, we decided to add value to our core proposition by supplying our Clients with the wealth of data we capture during our regular visits to Customer sites and touchpoints and to report it in a systematic and user friendly manner.


Launch of 4C360
4C360 was inspired by our Clients and created to provide them with an 360 view of their Branch/ATM/POS network. 4C360 was able to provide a visual snapshot of crucial visit data, all in a single workspace, at the push of a button.


Mach 5
This year we hit a new milestone with more than 5000 visits every month, all over the Kingdom. It was this year also we grew our footprint to a total of 6 operations Kingdomwide. New metrics were introduced and Reporting became systematic.


Going paperless
2011 was a cornerstone year when the business matured to empower all our merchandisers and surveyors with wireless tablets. In that year we also introduced sector specific electronic surveys and became fully digital.


The new 4C360
Building our survey experience into a single self-service product with multiple features and a substantial product roadmap. In 2012, we have launched our first panel application, and are supporting top Banks maintain their quality standards every day.


Going International
This year has been about productizing our applications and growing our company. 4C grew its team to 75 employees, and is recruiting professionals from the market research industry to expand into new sectors.